Multipurpose high pressure cleaning systems PROPRETE+

We design and manufacture adaptable high pressure cleaning systems for collectivities and industry

Our high pressure cleaning systems offer astonishing possibilities and adapt to carrying vehicles.

Our range of high pressure groups covers all the needs when it comes to industrial and urban cleaning.

Every day support local communities, waste management companies and organizations.

Système de lavage haute pression embarqué pour la ville de Saint Palais.

Each city or local community has a different need when it comes to urban cleanliness

Each municipality or local community has a different size, organization size, different, material and financial means. You are equipped with a wide variety of utility vehicles. Your urbain cleanliness and cleaning needs are different from a small commune to a wide urban area.

The diversity of cleaning assignments to accomplish makes it complicated to choose the adequate cleaning solution to your particular need need.

PROPRETE+ is EIM MIRAGE's response for local communities and municipalities. We propose a tailor made solution to every single need, adapted to the given budget.

We also propose a standard range of high pressure cleaning systems, in diesel or petrol, on-board your vehicule. These powerful high pressure cleaners allow you to accomplish most of the tasks of the municipalities: urban cleaning, street cleaning, chewing gum removal, graffiti removal, cleaning of urban furnitures etc.

We have the solution to your requirement

The PROPRETE+ concept solves the entire range of needs for the municipalities and public organization, taking into consideration all technical and financial constraints.

What is your technical vehicle? We look for the perfect match between pressure/flow in order to maximize the volume of water that you can cary on the vehicle (and meet the legal weight requirements).

The study of your requirements will determine if it is relevant to include all the functions on the same system or distribute the function on several specific systems.

(Français) Solution Propreté Plus GENS EIM Mirage

On-board high pressure cleaning systems PROPRETE+ adapt to the desired vehicle

Ampliroll truck
City of Vence, France - diesel cold water high pressure cleaner, soundproofed, mounted on an ampliroll
Platform truck
City of Béziers, France - Diesel hot water high pressure cleaner, soundproofed, mounted on an platform truck for the street cleaning
Utility vehicle
Cemex, diesel cold hot high pressure cleaner, soundproofed, mounted on an utility vehicle, design for the vacuum of dirty waters, and spraying of detergent.
City of Coursan, France - petrol cold water high pressure cleaner, mounted on an trailer

On-board high pressure cleaning systems PROPRETE+ are perfectly adapted to the needs of local communities and municipalities

Adapts to your vehicle

Every type of utility vehicle, trailer, or truck can be used

Covers most of the needs of public organizations and municipalities

From street cleaning to truck washing, every need has its own system with PROPRETE+

30+ years and numerous references

Our long list of references speaks of itself. Our knowledge of public organization is such that every different project in the past years has made us constantly improve and refine our systems

Easy to access and maintain

When we design a system, we take into account the geometry of the vehicle carrying the system. We ensure that the important parts of the system are easily accessible to ensure the proper maintenance

Saves consumables

Once your need is analysed, we design a system that will optimize the use of resources: fluids, petrol, electricity


By integrating different functions on the same system, you get a versatile mobile system. You don't need to store and maintain numerous systems


EIM MIRAGE est là pour vous aider à atteindre votre objectif de propreté. Notre équipe est à votre écoute pour trouver la solution adaptée à votre besoin.
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